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Contagious Addiction Guild Rules

Guild Rules

Respect each player. Do not yell, criticize, or get angry with any player. If they are doing something you think is wrong, tell an officer and we will handle it.

Respect your Guild Leader, your Officers, and your guildies. They were given their ranks for a very good reason. Do not yell at any officers. If you are told to do something, do it without hesitation.

Do not cause drama. If an officer finds something your are saying is offensive or wrong, they will tell you to be quiet, if you do not listen or what your saying is severe enough, you will be thrown into the STFU rank for 24hours. Once promoted to the proper ranking after time in the box, you will be given one more chance. If you start drama again, you WILL be kicked from the guild.


The ranks are as follows:

- Guild Leader
- Officer
- Veteran Raider
- Raider
- Friend
- Alt

Raiders will be given the chance to raid with us and show us what they're worth. Raiders will start out on a two week trial to see if they are fit to stay in our guild. Raiders off trial will receive loot after Veterans and over those on trial. They will be constantly evaluated for attitude, skill, knowledge of their class, attendance, consistency, and effort. They may be promoted at anytime to Veteran Raider. A raider is expected to hold up to these expectations even after they are promoted. Everything a member does for the guild reflects upon their effort to progress and to help the guild as a single unit, to progress.

Veteran Raiders are part of The Core raid group. They have shown reason to be promoted and a special dedication to what they do and are good at. They will receive loot over Raiders. Now we're not expecting players to go poor and useless donating everything they have to the guild bank, but the Veterans are the ones who help one another out. Who are always there for the raids, who are patient, understanding, and are up for making amazing progress while having fun and getting things done in a timely manner.

Officer is a rank that is given to the few that are worthy. Sometimes they have to be stern with players who decide to goof off a little too much, but they know what they're doing. They will roll with Veteran Raiders on gear and will never have priority over Veteran Raiders. They have plenty of raiding experience and have been playing this game for probably way too long. If an Officer gives a command, it's equal to that of the Guild Leader's commands. Do not take the Officers lightly. Respect them and they will respect you, not just as a player, but as a person.

Raiding Rules

Be online a half hour before the raid starts for invites. If you are not going to be there, tell an Officer why. Arena and alts are not a good reason not to show up. You will be deducted 10 EP for refusing to show up for a raid. We want people who are dedicated to the raid group. If we do not invite you and the raid is filled, stay online. They're is a chance someone is going to be replaced and you should be in line for your chance. If you are pulled out and replaced by someone else because we needed their class, spec, etc, you will be rewarded equal points as everyone else in the raid as long as you stay online. If you are replaced in a raid due to disruption, distraction, or poor attitude you will be deducted 10 EP. Before raids and during, sit in the Raid Waiting Room channel on vent. If you want to go on alt, put it in your vent comment or tell an officer and give the alt's name.

No long AFKs! If you disappear to afk without tell an Officer you will be deducted 5 EP. If you afk for more than the alloted time then you will be kicked and deducted 20 EP; 10 for being gone too long and 10 for having to be kicked. Do everything that is required of you in the real world before raid invited. Having to "shower" is not a good reason. The guild and bosses can't smell you, so we don't care. Shower, cook dinner, walk the dog, grab food, even bring food to your desk, use the bathroom, call your girlfriend/boyfriend, etc, before the raid! There will be five minute breaks given out by the Officers or Guild Leader when they think it is appropriate timing. AFKing without telling anyone will result in a raid kick, if it happens again in the next raid you will be kicked from the guild.

Do not pull anything without knowing the raid is ready and the Raid Leader has given the okay. Make sure to bring your flasks, buff food, elixirs, reagents, etc. to the raid so that we don't have to wait for the fail to get what they need for the raid. You will be rewarded 10 EP for showing up early or on time for a raid ready with your flasks, buff food, pots, etc. If you Show up late and/or unprepared, you will be deducted 5 EP.

If you do not have a frost resist set, tell an Officer. Each healer and dps should have at least two (2) pieces. Do not make excuses. Ask for help if you need it.

You are required to have your gear enchanted and gemmed by the next raid. No excuses!

Guild Raids are going to be posted on the in-game calendar, so try to keep up with it. You are required to Accept or Decline for a raid, not leave it hanging and expect us to know. Those who Accept will have a chance of getting in, those who Decline, are required to mail an Officer or send a Private Message in the guild site, letting us know why you will be unable to make the raid. Those who do not Accept or Decline. Do not expect to get into the raid and do not expect to be acknowledged. Just because you may not be invited, does not mean you should take it personally. We choose by what we think we need or what we should do for the night. It's not necessarily about skill.

Know the fights! If you do not know a boss fight, go online and watch a video. Officers prefer TankSpot, as their strats are the one's we plan to use. You will be kicked for not knowing a fight and will be deducted EP as it is considered being prepared for the raid.

Do not link DPS meters in raid chat or guild chat. If you want to link them, do so in the channel specified in the Guild Info. We do not need you spamming raid chat or guild chat with how "1337" you think you are. If you do link them after being told to stop you will be thrown into the STFU rank. If you continue, you may just be kicked for being such an idiot.

If you are a pally, you're required to have Pally Power. If you do not, you will be deducted EP!

Loot Rules and EPGP Rules

As a guild member, you are required to have the mod EPGP Loot Master in order to raid. It helps the Loot Master know who you are, if you need the item, and if you deserve it. With the mod you will be able to Need if you need the item, Greed if you need it for offspec, and Pass if you do not need the item. It has nothing to do with the usual way of rolling. VETERAN RAIDERS AND OFFICERS WILL RECEIVE LOOT OVER RAIDERS! Officers are equal to Veterans when it comes to looting and will never get loot over Veterans. Raiders will receive loot over those on trial. This does not mean that trial will never get loot. It does not mean Raiders will never get loot. However, we're not planning on giving away loot without you showing you're worth the Core.

Acquiring and losing EP points, goes as the following:

* 15 EP awarded every hour of a progression Raid

* 5 EP awarded every hour of a non-progression raid

* 20 EP for every progression boss kill

* 5 EP for every farm boss kill

* 10 EP for arriving on time for a raid including being prepared with flasks, food, pots, etc.

* -5 EP for arriving late or unprepared for a raid including flasks, food, pots, etc

* -10 EP for being removed from a raid due to disruption, distraction, or general unacceptable attitude

* -40 EP If you are caught point hoarding and you will be unable to attend the next three raids. If something rolls and it is an upgrade, you must roll for it.

* -50 EP If you sign up for a raid and refuse to, or do not show. If you sign up, you are required to show. If you change your mind, take yourself off the sign up 4 hours before the raid.

If you are replaced in a raid due to the need for the other player's class, spec, etc you will be awarded equal EP as those in the raid as long as you continue to stay online


* GP will be charged according to the price of the item itself.

* Gear will be rewarded due to PR = EP/GP.

Ventrilo Rules

Each Officer is given admin rights. They WILL kick you if you're causing problems. Cause too many and you may be banned from vent. Do not give out vent without permission. We're not going to have random players coming into our vent to do their raids or instances or to chat. Your friends can not hang out in our vent without you or someone else in the guild they are friends with, being in the same channel with them. If we find strangers in our vent that were not given permission to be there, we will kick them. If they come back without you, we WILL ban them. This vent is for guild use ONLY. No exceptions. As stated, if you want to bring someone in, ask a Senior Officer or Officer for permission.

Do not spam music, sounds, sound clips, etc in vent. You will be kicked and banned. If you're too loud, turn down your outbound, it's not rocket science.

Use a push to talk. We do not need to hear you chew your food or try to figure out what TV show you're watching or porn you have going. We're not that interested, so you're a PTT button.

Once a raid is over, leave the raid channel. It's not a hang out. If they're are not enough channels to chat in, tell an Officers and we will take care of it.

If someone is causing a problem in vent, tell an Officer. They will handle the situation.

These rules are set in place by the Officer Council and the Guild Leader. Get to know who they are. You'll need it.
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