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 Silvern (Scilla) - Undead Rogue

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PostSubject: Re: Silvern (Scilla) - Undead Rogue   Silvern (Scilla) - Undead Rogue I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 01, 2009 3:55 pm

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PostSubject: Silvern (Scilla) - Undead Rogue   Silvern (Scilla) - Undead Rogue I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 31, 2009 12:00 am

Contagious Addiction Guild Application

Copy and Paste this application in a new topic. Fill it out, and one of the officers will be with your shortly.

1.What is your character's name? What is your level, race, class, spec(s)?

80 Undead Rogue – Scilla (will transfer)
15/51/5 Combat
8/19/44 HaT (will be outdated shortly)

2. Who referred you to the guild?


3. Did you read the guild rules? Yes or No? Click here to read Guild Rules.


4. What are your professions and their skill level?

450 First Aid
450 Fishing
434 Cooking
450 Alchemy
350 Enchanting (leveling up asap… switched from herbalism to get the 80ap)

5. We raid Sunday - Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday, and Monday 7pm-11pm server time, can you make our schedule? What days are you available?

The only complication with this schedule is Tuesday. Due to college classes, I will not be back until late at night (9:00pm server). According to Endras this is a 10 man raid night (Ulduar 10) so I will be able to attend all 25 man content.

I can still log on Tuesdays in case you need a replacement DPS.

6. How many emblems of Heroism, Valor, and Conquest do you have?

Dot dot dot? (Endras typed this…)

7. How old are you?


8. Do you have a working mic?


9. Do you have a working headset?


10. Are you willing to do a Ventrilo interview?

Yes (that’s a first..!)

11. What previous raiding experience do you have?

Ulduar25 up to Hodir.
Ulduar10 up to Mimron
All pre-3.2 WotLK content (including 3d Sarth 10/25)
No TBC experience
Raided Vanilla up to AQ40

12. Do you have any alts?


13. Sending in this application, says that you understand our guild rules, you can handle following them, that you are a good player who can listen and wants to progress. Do you agree? Yes or no? Do you have anything you would like to say?

Yes, and look forward to hearing from you! I hear good things from Endras!
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Silvern (Scilla) - Undead Rogue
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