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 A Well Made Description of EPGP

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A Well Made Description of EPGP Empty
PostSubject: A Well Made Description of EPGP   A Well Made Description of EPGP I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 30, 2009 12:47 am

This is for those who just can't understand EPGP mechanics. EP/GP = PR

It's very basic. You accumulate two sets of points. EP and GP. You accumulate Event Points (EP) through boss kills, progression, preperation, etc. You accumulate Gear Points (GP) through gear. EP divided by GP gives you a number which is Priority Rating (PR).

For example you want a helm worth 185 GP.

Say you have been in the guild quite a while now and you've accumulated 1165 EP and 659 GP. Your priority would be 1.767830....
And say you're rolling against...Malivia whom has 690 EP and 2137 GP. Her priority would be 0.3228825.....

According to the example, you have more Priority than Malivia, so you're more likely to get the loot over her, assuming there are no others rolling.

Say your EP and GP is the same as said above. Your Officer Note will show 1165,659. That is EP,GP.

Say you won the head piece over Malivia. Your GP would go up from 659 GP to 844. (659 + 185 = 844).

This is the simplest way I could ever explain this. Enjoy.
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A Well Made Description of EPGP
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