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 yo dawg mah app

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PostSubject: yo dawg mah app   yo dawg mah app I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 23, 2009 8:27 pm

1.What is your character's name? What is your level, race, class, spec(s)?
Smthoperator 80 BE Pally Ret/Holy/soon 2 be tank

2. Who referred you to the guild?

3. Did you read the guild rules? Yes or No? Click here to read Guild Rules.

4. What are your professions and their skill level?
havent lvled proffs on here yet but they will be Engi and Inscrip

5. We raid Sunday - Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday, and Monday 7pm-11pm server time, can you make our schedule? What days are you available?
sunday, monday, tuesday for sure... wednesdays i work till 7 server time so i might have 2 skip some of those

6. How many emblems of Heroism, Valor, and Conquest do you have?
um.. 45 conquest right now

7. How old are you?

8. Do you have a working mic?

9. Do you have a working headset?

10. Are you willing to do a Ventrilo interview?

11. What previous raiding experience do you have?
um.. all farm stuff naxx/os/eoe/heroics watever... Ulduar up 2 Mimiron on 25m

12. Do you have any alts?
about 9 lol
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yo dawg mah app
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